Piece It, Together!
by: Kyle Arrington

“Individually, you can go fast;
but together, we can go far.”
That is the premise and inspiration behind Piece it, Together! We all want to be the
best versions of ourselves. However, we sometimes forget, that in order to accomplish that goal, we need each other. Everyone can be successful in their own right. This much is true. But when we work together, especially towards a common goal, we become something else. We become powerful beyond measure. At the heart of this project, Piece it, Together! is a timely tale that encourages teamwork, togetherness and unity. In order to get to a better tomorrow, we must lay the foundation today.

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EVOLVE Foundation launches its new Literary Campaign in collaboration with
NFL’s Super Bowl Champion Kyle Arrington to donate children’s book for free.

[ACCOKEEK, MARYLAND March 22, 2021]: Kyle Arrington, is a Prince George’s County native, an NFL Super Bowl Champion, Community Activist / Leader, Entrepreneur, and now new Author. Kyle Arrington is a former cornerback in the NFL, he has participated in two super bowls (’12, ’15) with the New England Patriots, leading his team in individual stat categories as well as the entire National Football League (NFL) in interceptions in 2011. He was an integral part of his team’s success throughout his tenure playing at the highest level.

Since retiring from the NFL in 2017, Kyle’s purpose has been to focus on youth development in underserved communities and to be an example to the generations coming after him. As a husband, proud father of three (3) and active leader in his community, he can officially add Author to his list of achievements. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyle used this opportunity to write a children’s book. Entitled- “PIECE IT, TOGETHER!”, this children’s book teaches kids about “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also known as “STEM”.” The story is beautifully illustrated with vivid images. Piece it, Together!, is a fictional children’s book, designed to captivate readers as the two young students navigate on how to build a toy, using STEM components. With both kids trying their hardest to work independently, they both quickly learn that teamwork allows them to evolve their creativity and communication to an exuberant outcome that show their own personality to shine. This children’s book is aimed to promote teamwork, innovation, critical thinking and increase family engagement.

Through EVOLVE new Literacy Programs, the goal is to increase literacy amongst all children, but especially with children of color. Through donation support, EVOLVE will provide as many young children as possible with the Piece it, Together!, children’s book for FREE! We hope this concept catches fire and inspires more authors to do the same. To kick-off the presales and book tour, Kyle has partnered with Easterseal where he will be debuting the pre-book-release during the Bright Stars Bedtime reading kids’ event. This event is an exclusive family oriented virtually zoom call, scheduled on March 25th at 7:00pm. Piece it, Together!, If you are interested in donating a copy of the “PIECE IT, TOGETHER! book, please go to www.EVOLVECDC.org. When you click on the donate button, please use PIT in the comment section. The official release date of Tuesday May 18, 2021.

Contact: Clarence Wright
Phone: 571-214-6913
Email: cwright@ccaaevents.com


Our Vision: The foundation sets out to be one of the leading organizations in promoting a positive and enduring impact in the lives of youth it serves in the Prince George’s County community. EVOLVE aims to lead by example; in not only helping to forge paths but continuing to guide and nurture them. So the next generation can continue to raise the bar.

“Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”

Muhammad Ali


Evolve can be defined as gradual development. Forward, linear, positive growth in the right direction; is what we believe in. It is our duty, to give the knowledge, the means and methods for our youth to become the future leaders of our communities. Don’t wait, be apart of the evolution. It truly takes a village!